The front of Greed

In 2025 the world was blocked around the economy.
Focusing on Europe NEU(Neo European Union) economy bloc, Focusing on East Asia EAU(East Asia Union) economy bloc, Focusing on North America NAF(North America Federation) economy bloc, They are divided into three camps and compete fiercely for economic advantage.

With enormous economic power, large companies have stengthened their influence in media and society

On the other hand, product manufacturing factories in existing industrialized countries migrated to non-industrialized countries with low labor costs This phenomenon has led to the expansion of the country's economic growth and global markets. And the economical margin that has been generated here has again expanded the demand for electronic devices such as electronic products and communication fields.

This expansion of the global market has made the company richer, but it has also made resource consumption faster. Especially, the depletion of rare earth, which is an essential element in proportion to the demand of electronic equipment, is intensifying, and the price of raw materials is steeply rising.

Urban mining industry for the recycling of raw materials (a company that re-extracts metals from electronic products) has been activated but has not been able to solve the resource shortage.

Raw material suppliers (mine owners and mining companies) start looking for new underground resources and dispatch Mineral Hunters to resource-rich areas based on basic research.

Mineral Hunter is a specialist with various specialized skills such as geological survey, exploration and survival. They are refers to manpower who confirms the amount of mineral deposits and sells information

Since discovering underground resources before other companies is beneficial in many ways, such as negotiation and income distribution, many companies have started looking for skilled hunters to find underground resources first.

In the meantime, mineral hunter Joseph finds a giant rare-earth mineral resource in the northern Sahara and develops into a corporate war to take up this mineral resource.

Participating in the North African event, the crossing of the Sahara Desert, Joseph goes through an area of terrain that has been transformed into a huge sand storm during the journey. In the area, Joseph finds terrain similar to mine in Inner Mongolia, prepares survey equipment and visits the area again.

A new surface layer sample from the area was collected and studied, and Joseph determined that there was a high probability that there would be a large amount of rare earth resources in the basement.

Joseph is unable to conduct all the investigations of the vein alone, so he asks two close friends for help. His friend Gaston got in touch and joined the desert immediately, but Din ends his work and joins late.

The work in the hot desert has been difficult and time-consuming, but research has shown that the amount and size of the underground mineral vein resources are enormous, and they were delighted.

They were greatly delighted, but problems arose in the process of sharing the stake in the ore.

Gaston acknowledged Joseph 50% stake in discovering underground mineral resources, but claimed his stake should be higher than Dean, who later joined the investigation

However, Joseph tried to persuade Gaston that Din, who was in charge of negotiating underground resource rights and handling various papers, had a 25% right.

Gaston, who felt Joseph had betrayed himself, sold his mining rights to a large corporation Electric Volcano (EV) and sold information about Joseph and Din.

After Gaston and EV's deal, Joseph was killed by someone.

Din, who knew there was a deal between Gaston and EV, did not have evidence, though he speculated that EV was behind the murder of Joseph.

Din, threatened by his own survival, requests EV's rival, G-Shovel, for survival protection with some profit in return for using his mining rights. G-Shovel accepted Din's proposal and immediately started to form a consortium.

The birth of the two giant consortia brought attention to the spotlight, and those who sought various privileges flocked to the village.

the inflow of people into impoverished villages brings vitality to the village and rich hope, but the reality has broken the their hope. Foreign investors who came along with outsiders dominated the land and commercial areas, and residents suffered from poverty more than ever before.

Residents have been working for outlander or entering criminal gangs for their livelihood. The northern part of the Sahara Desert has been transformed into a devastated city where the abduction and assassinating occurring by an increase in crime syndicates.

The world's mass media expresses concern in the northern part of the Sahara Desert and calls for the dispatch of troops to protect their citizens

In the end, the NAF and the EAU deployed peacekeeping forces to maintain peace in the Northern Sahara.

In the midst of this chaos, EV and GS Corporation formed the Security Guild for the development of the mineral vein and the safety of the company's branches.

The Security Guild, consisting of the NAF and the EAU, and the veterans of the war, had a security responsibility for the company.

However, security workers from both companies move to check their opponents, It causes armed conflict.

The battle between the two groups was a proxy war between NAF and the EAU. The armed conflict between the two companies was revealed to the public with information about the fight against criminals.

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